About our glassware collection

Vintage glassware has a very special place in our hearts. We love colored vintage wine glasses, champagne glasses, liqueur glasses and water glasses! All items are selected by us with great care. We pay attention to the style of the glass, of course, but especially to the quality. All our items are of excellent quality, they have no chips, damages, or wear spots. These vintage glasses often exist for decades and have proven themselves in quality. If you maintain them properly they will last for many decades to come.

Colored vintage wine glasses and champagne glasses are perfect for special dinners, a party, or just to make every day special. Vintage liqueur glasses are a perfect gift for liquor lovers.

Would you like to see our vintage glasses in real life? Then stop by our vintage glassware and tableware store in Amsterdam center/east. Here you will find even more vintage glasses, in addition to our collection of vintage tableware and home accessories.

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